Genitori di S. Francesco

St. Francis’ Parents

The artwork represents Pietro di Bernardone and Madonna Pica, St. Francis’ parents. The sculptor Roberto Joppolo, after a careful historical research, presents them in the XIII century costumes, freeing them from the superfluous elements. Madonna Pica wears a rich and eye-catching clothing, transmitting her impetus and grace; the broken chain hold  in her right hand, recalls the heroic gesture with which the mother one day broke the chains and let Francesco "free". Pietro di Bernardone wears simple and austere clothing showing the natural majesty of the rich merchant from Assisi. On his left arm he holds the clothes that Francesco returned to him in the solemn moment of his irrevocable choice. Pietro di Bernardone and Madonna Pica hold each others’ hands, united by mutual love, sign of support and comfort, waiting for God's judgment on them. The two statues, cast in wax bronze, are 2 m tall. By provision of Perugia Superintendency of Fine Arts, the monument was placed in Chiesa Nuova square in Assisi, on the Municipality land and inaugurated by Hon. Antonino Gullotti, Minister for Cultural Heritage, on 4 October 1984.





















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