Maria Madre del Rosario e della Pace

Mary Mother of the Rosary and of Peace

With her attitude, Mary indicates to the Church and to all humanity, personified by the Pope and the world, the Christ of Incarnation and the Christ of Passion and Resurrection, the only Savior of the universe. The crown of the Rosary becomes, at the same time, the mystical bridge that connects the divine world to the human one and the instrument prayer, used God to give peace to the world. The Child Jesus depicts the mystery of Jesus’ birth, the Crucifix the mystery of Calvary which is a place of suffering and, at the same time, of Redemption for all human beings, since the sacrifice of Christ appears already illuminated by the light of Resurrection. Consequently, the dove is a symbol of peace, the true gift of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Also these gifts are received through the prayer of the Rosary. The artwork, made of bronze (mt. 3x2), was donated by the Holy Father John Paul II to the city of Pompeii during the pastoral visit on 7 October 2003 and installed on the side of the Sanctuary. The same image is displayed in the precious silver cover of the volume "Mary Mother of the Rosary and Peace "commented by 20 cardinals and illustrated by 5 artists from 5 continents: Roberto Joppolo represents Europe.



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