La Porta della Sofferenza

The Door of Suffering

The Porta della Sofferenza, installed in 2004 in Vejano (VT) and created by the sculptor Roberto Joppolo, was conceived to highlight a deep Christian value: suffering caused to neighbors is same of Christ’s suffering and those who suffer, with faith, will be awarded. This is expressly stated by the words carved at the foot of the left wing, reported in the Gospel of Matthew 25.40: "All what you did to the youngest of my brothers, you did it also to me". In the right wing, some words taken from the first letter of St. Peter 4,113 want to be a consolation for all those who suffer violence and who, in the light of faith, receive a great joy: "To the extent that, the men participate in the sufferings of Christ, rejoice, because in the revelation of His glory, they can rejoice and exult ". The topic themes of war and terrorism, below, refer to Christ’s death on Calvary, a universal symbol of all suffering, surrounded by significant characters: the sorrowful Mary, St. John the Evangelist, St. Francis of Assisi, S. Padre Pio, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pope John Paul II, with his face furrowed with grief. The artwork, therefore, wants to be a message against all kinds of violence and, at the same time, hope for those who suffer from it. The door, made of bronze with wax casting, is m. 4.40 tall, m. 2.30 wide and weighs about 2,500 kg.

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