Albero dell' Umanità

Tree of Humanity

The Tree of Humanity is an artwork representing the necessary integration and solidarity between peoples of different races and cultures, united by the same nature and the same final scope. The Tree is an artwork made of cast bronze, finished in two colors, green and gold, standing on a 4 meters base and 5 meters tall. It consists of a single branch splitting into two woman-man parts, representing two different realities of the world (highlighted with its own color), and the great contrasts of humanity (e.g. wealth vs poverty, woman vs man, North vs South, development vs under development). The plot also recalls the theme of confrontation coming from bond, the reciprocity of feelings valorized by conversation, the hope of dialogue between the “world powers”, centered on people happiness. Everybody talks about the possibility of Peace in the world coming from the rooted strength of the generator stock and the chromatic agreement between the two diverse realities described. Although the two colors are clearly differentiated in the two trunks, they then tend to dive into each other's hair. The artwork reflects the difficulty of this challenge, represented by the branch, created with chromatic harmony and shapes, symbolizing the trust in human abilities, and the possibility to realize a "Parliament of the World" based on the respect of nature and human dignity. The Tree of Humanity was placed in the  

Vatican Gardens on 4 November 2000. An identical one was also placed in Bethlehem. 



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